Monday, November 28, 2011

(28) - Fellglow Keep - Journal entry -

Fredas 11th of Hearthfire 4E201

Lydia wasn't feeling at her best this morning, so we started off with a light fruit breakfast before heading out of Whiterun towards the North-East. I hadn't been in that direction before, next to that we might come across that Shimmermist Cave the guard had mentioned to me yesterday. It was a lovely clear day, and after passing the farms we followed the West bank of the river towards the North-East. It wasn't long after we left the main path that we got attacked by a wolf and a sabre cat within minutes of each other. The sabre cat wasn't near as hard to kill as it had been two days ago; with the clear weather we saw it charging at us from afar, and we managed to get a good few arrows in before finishing it off with our axes.

Not much later I noticed another sabre cat right alongside the river, and it was sleeping. Then I noticed it was next to a chest.  Lydia was getting exceedingly trusted with my way of fighting, as I only needed a few hand signals to point out the sleeping cat and get her to get out her bow. After having snuck closer we both simultaneously released our arrows. The sabre cat never managed to get close to us before making it's last steps. The chest's contents were disappointing though, just a few gold and dust inside.

...a steep rock formation.

Continuing on we soon found our way along the riverbank blocked by a steep rock formation. We managed to find a pass up and over it, but had to wait for a lone mammoth to clear the path ahead. Once it had walked off we managed to run behind its back unnoticed. Once clearing the pass we came across what looked like a once abandoned fortress, its outer walls crumbling. However there was a fire burning in one of the towers, and as soon as we came closer, a mage appeared on top of a tower, shouting; 'Fellglow Keep is ours, stay away or die!'.

Fellglow Keep

Of course Lydia and I gladly accepted the friendly invitation, making use of cover to get close enough to two mages to attack with our axes, then using arrows to get rid of a flame atronach towards the back of the old fortress. After making sure the area was clear of enemies we warmed up some horker meat on the fire, and I cut up a fresh tomato and carrot salad to go with it. With renewed energy we ignored some stairs leading into the ground towards the underground part of the keep, and decided on entering the keep itself through the front doors.

After entering the large room, with a flight of stairs leading up, and doors at both sides, there were no enemies to greet us. We could however hear hammering from up above, and the smoke lining the ceiling indicated that there had to be someone working at a forge. The mage was so busy hammering he never saw Lydia coming, who near to cleaved him in half with a single blow of her axe. We managed to retrieve a key from his bloody corpse, and I also found a strange unusual gem in a small box, which I carefully tucked away in my knapsack.

Fellglow Keep entrance
 Heading back to the first room we continued right through some open doors, killing another mage, then reaching a large hall. We killed the conjurer there, and I took the book she had been reading. In a nearby chest I found an imperial bow, buzzing with sparkling energy. Even though Imperial, the enchantment on it seemed very powerful, therefore being a match for my orcish bow. I took it. In the back of the large hall I found a corridor leading down towards the lower dungeons, but I didn't want to venture there, as it was already getting late, and I wanted to make sure the keep itself was clear so no-one could run up on our backs.

We retraced our steps to the entrance room, then opened the doors to the left, revealing the sleeping quarters of the keep. There were two mages there, but their powers were weak, and they were fleeing into a dead end corridor where we ended their misery quickly. Then we took our time looting everything of value, up to the mages robes.

Sleeping quarters

We actually took a bit too much time, for I had planned to return to Whiterun, and come back to explore the Fellglow Keep Dungeons the next day. When we stepped outside it was already dark, and since I didn't want to run into mammoths and sabre cats in the darkening night, I opted for spending the night in the keep.
We returned to the sleeping quarters in the Keep, and barraged the door with a table, just to be sure.
We just ate some cold mammoth steak with goat cheese, which actually was tastier then it sounds. Off to sleep now, so we can have a look at the lower dungeons early tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ive just read your entire story and you style is amazing. Nice work. Wishes you had written more.

Anonymous said...

I was just curious, what kind of war axe is that?

Shilka said...

If I recall correctly after 3 years, it's a pretty low level ancient war axe as dropped by the draugr in the caverns.