Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(34) - Swindlers Den - Journal entry -

Turdas 17th of Hearthfire 4E201

We woke up after an undisturbed sleep in Fort Greymoor. Agnis already had a breakfast prepared for us, bread with tomato and eidar cheese. I could tell why every occupant of Fort Greymoor would keep her around. We left the fort early as the sun was still behind the horizon, tracking around the North side of the small mountain West of the fort.

Lydia and I had just killed off a pack of three wolves when a fugitive ran up to us. He handed me a bow, telling me to save it for him, and threatening me he'd kill me if I didn't take care of it for him. Then he ran off as quickly as he had appeared. It wasn't much later when a hunter ran up to us asking about the refugee. I simply acted like I didn't know what he was talking about and he disappeared as well. I didn't feel like making their business my own anyway, and simply shrugged it off.

A bit later I saw two deer, and just as I was skinning them we got attacked by two mages. I'm not sure what we did to provoke their attack, but it was a bad choice on their part as we killed them quickly. Just after that I saw a wolf, but just as I was aiming an arrow at its chest it seemed distracted by something else, forcing me to run after it. My luck, because the wolf actually went to attack a bandit guarding a cave entrance. Since by now we had entirely covered both sides of the small mountain, this had to be Swindlers Den, and we finished off the bandit as soon as it had killed the wolf.

Swindlers Den

Pretty soon after entering the cave we were confirmed in our suspicion that this was indeed Swindlers Den, as we overheard two bandits talking about how they had been paid to hide some Alik'r in the back of the cave. We started to work our way through the occupying bandits, clearing cavern after cavern from increasing numbers of bandits. Though the 5 bandits in one of the last rooms put up quite a fight, they were pretty lousy at their chosen profession, as there was hardly any noteworthy loot to be found.

Passing under a waterfall we finally found Kematu, guarded by 6 additional Alik'r. We were still standing knee deep in water, as they had us surrounded with seven man on high ground, swords drawn. I had little choice but to talk to Kematu. According to him Saadia had sold Hammerfell out to the Aldmeri Dominion, and he asked me to return to Whiterun and lure Saadia out to the stables just outside the city. Being in a really bad position, and not liking my fighting chances, I agreed. Next to that I had noticed that after all fighting of the last week, my magical enchantments on both my bow and my axe were starting to fade away quickly, I really felt I would risk my life unnecessarily if I had chosen to fight the Alik'r then and there.

Lydia and I left the cave, and started to make our way back to Whiterun. About halfway there, I got jumped by a very agile Argonian assassin. I managed to kill him, though I depleted the last enchanted powers of my axe while doing it. On him I found a note stating;

As instructed , you are to eliminate
Gwenneth Gut-Ripper by any means
necessary. The black sacrament has
been performed - somebody wants this
poor fool dead .

We've already received payment for
the contract. Failure is not an option.


Isn't that great, if not some servant is trying to get me killed over a book, I now had an unknown person sending an assassin after me. This whole event was smelling of the dark brotherhood to me. I had no clue who was behind this though.

Dead Assassin

Arriving at Whiterun I noticed the Khajiit traders had returned, so I sold them a bunch of loot until they ran out of gold. Just making it in before closing time, I managed to sell the rest at the shops in Whiterun.
It was already getting dark when I went to the Bannered Mare, and found Saadia in her room. I managed to convince her that her cover was blown, and she needed to get out of town. As soon as she arrived at the stables outside the main gate, Kematu hit her with a powerful paralyzing spell, and told me she would be transported to Hammerfell, to be judged for her treason. He handed me 500 gold as a reward. Though the reward was good, I'm still not sure if I did the right thing for Saadia, for all I know I have led her to her own beheading. It was the right thing for me though, I had little choice, and I don't want to find a small army standing at my bedside when I wake up in the morning...

Saadia laying paralyzed at Whiterun stables

Back at Breezehome I prepared a dinner of venison chop, salmon steak and sweet rolls for desert. Then I went to bed early for some reading. First I read 'an explorer's guide to Skyrim'. It was written by an Imperial who was more boasting about his own explorer capabilities then making an interesting description of Skyrim. Needless to state the book failed to impress me. After that I read 'Nords of Skyrim', which was at least better written.
I can't help but wonder what will happen to Saadia. Perhaps I'll find out one of these days... 


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Very nice blog! I enjoy learning from you, really! I wanted to ask if you have already opened an double ogham infinium? I know some players have done that but I didn't find info in your blog!

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