Monday, December 5, 2011

(33) - Fort Greymoor - Journal entry -

Middas 16th of Hearthfire 4E201

I woke up early, Lydia was still sleeping as I was stuffing three days worth of food and potions in my knapsack. Just to be safe. When Lydia was awake we just had a fast breakfast of boiled cream treats, then left Whiterun heading West. It was still dark and somewhat cloudy, but Fort Greymoor is pretty hard to miss.

Fort Greymoor in the background

We lowered our weapons when we approached the fort, and to be honest I expected to see Imperial guards as the map in Dragonsreach had indicated. Well I was wrong, and almost took an arrow in the knee, were it not for my tight fitting elven armor. There were actually outlaws at the fortress, but I had failed to spot so in the dark. After Lydia and I killed four of them the quiet returned. I expected way more resistance, but it turned out the thugs had placed practice puppets on the fort walls to create the illusion of a larger armed force.

We killed one more thug on a tower in the back, then made our entrance to the inner parts. The first section we entered was obviously a prison section, where we killed three more outlaws. There was no one alive in the prison cells. In the back of the prison there was a dead troll on a table. Even though it was dead, I had never seen one up close, except for it's skeletal remains. I was so pre-occupied with the creature that I almost failed to see the spellcasting bandit hiding near the dead troll. Luckily Lydia did notice, and she killed the bandit with her arrows before I could even grab my axe.

Dead troll and fried bandit 

After the prison we entered the main fortress, where we were attacked immediately by a highwayman. (Last time I saw highwayman armor was in Cyrodiil) In a nearby room there was a lone and very dead Imperial soldier, must have been a scout I guess. We killed three more outlaws on our way to a large central hall with dining tables. The seared slaughterfish and baked potatoes were still steaming on their plates, so Lydia and I ate in turns as the other watched over the hallway we hadn't cleared out yet. In another room, seemingly the kitchen area, we killed three more bandits, leaving just an old servant alive, named Agnis. She told us she had served whoever had occupied the fortress over time, whether it were Orcs or vampires. We left her to clear up the mess we had left behind, leaving the fort through a sewer gate.

Fort Greymoor interior

There was still plenty of daylight left, and though I still had no clue to the whereabouts of Swindlers Den, There was only one small rocky hill nearby, so this seemed like the only place to find a cave directly West of Whiterun. I decided to first check out the South side of the rocks. There was no cave to be found, however I did find a dead bandit, his horse still standing at his side. Well free horses are hard to come by, so I mounted the sturdy animal, and it was surprisingly calm, even though I was wearing full armor.

Slowly I rode the horse to the West end of the rocky hill in order for Lydia to be able to keep up. Still no sight of a cave, but we did discover a shrine of Stendar. Since Imperial legionnaires consider Stendar to be their patron, I had no remorse taking the gems and strongbox who had been left there as offerings. Just as I had taken the valuables a mammoth with his giant companion appeared from behind a rock, and both Lydia and I ducked behind the shrine, keeping out of sight long enough to attract no attention.

Unfortunately, as we emerged from behind the shrine, my newfound horse was nowhere to be found. We searched for longer then I had traveled with the animal, but it seems I lost it just as suddenly as I found it. By now it was starting to get dark, so we retraced our steps back to Fort Greymoor. Agnis, the servant was so nice to prepare us a leg of goat roast, and you could tell she had a lifetime of experience with preparing it, it was delicious. There's no time left to read anything, though I did find a few books today, as I want to leave early again tomorrow. I'll just finish my mead and go to sleep. Tomorrow we'll check the North side of the rocks.


Skyrim Creation Kit said...

Very interesting role plays on here man , I like your use of in game screen-shots mixed with your writing :)

Maddy Vince said...

This is really great writing. I'm loving the screenshots that go along with each scene

Cheating Skyrim said...

I loved the map at the end of the post. Nice little picture which adds to the mystical nature of your post.